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Personnel Reinforcements for the mypromo Team

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 04.02.2021

The mypromo platform for promotional products consultants, specialists and suppliers is also growing in terms of personnel. At the start of the new year, Elisabeth Barnes became head of the Communications department and is now responsible for all of mypromo’s marketing and PR measures. “We are particularly keen on strengthening our collaboration with promotional product distributors,” explains Barnes about her first goals. Barnes, who has a M.A. Culture and Business, adds “Providing the operator of a mypromo shop with enough advertising material and know-how for its own successful marketing strategy is at the very top of our to-do list.”

Elisabeth Barnes is not an unfamiliar face at mypromo. When mypromo evolved out of a project from Geiger-Notes AG three years ago, she was part of Heike Lübeck’s marketing team. The same is also true for 21-year-old Fabian Siller, who has just completed his vocational training as industrial management assistant with excellent marks at the affiliated company Geiger-Notes. Siller will take a position in Accounting at Mypromo. “We are starting the year 2021 with experts in words and numbers who we expect will bring many positive developments and we will work hard to achieve them,” states mypromo Managing Director Lübeck, who now has seven employees in the Wiesbaden team in addition to four colleagues in Luxemburg.

Photo: Experts in numbers and words: Fabian Siller and Elisabeth Barnes.