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Another tool added to myUMA

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 05.03.2021

The distributor portal myUMA of the writing utensils specialist uma is being filled with more life and content. The new tool myCommunication now makes it possible to easily and quickly download current content, logo data, image data and information on uma sales themes and integrate them into your own web communications. “The provision of additional content offers our retailing partners even more consulting expertise”, explains uma managing director Alexander Ullmann. Besides the new myCommunication Tool, myCalculator and myConfigurator are already actively used as sales-supporting retailer tools in myUMA. “The retailer portal myUMA makes it possible for our clients to obtain a quick overview of all uma models and themes around the clock. This way, not only image data and content regarding the models can be retrieved, but a sales price can also be calculated anytime and everywhere quickly and easily thanks to myCalculator”, adds Ullmann.