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Goldstar creates virtual boards for customers

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 27.04.2021

A virtual board is digital image that contains a series of products, each in the corporate colours of the respective customers and superimposed with its logo. Essentially, it is a combination of several virtual samples that are grouped together in a single picture. Creating a virtual board is, however, laborious. Goldstar Europe, a European promotional products supplier from Dundalk/Ireland with a wide assortment of writing instruments, stationary, beverage products, etc., is now offering this service to its customers from the promotional products industry. “As can be seen with the recent launch of our personalized digital catalogues, we are continuing to simplify the sales process for our distributers. We are offering our latest innovation free of charge, as is the case with the catalogues,” explains Managing Director Colin Loughran. He describes the service as follows: “Choose one of your customers and send us their logo. We will then send you a picture by email that contains each product and that is in the corporate colours of your customer. Each one will feature the customer’s logo and will be designed in a professional and inspiring way. But there is more. Since you are sending the picture to your customer, your logo will also be placed prominently on the top edge of the picture.”  More information and contact details are available at: