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All-over print from seam to seam

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 14.06.2021

For all those who need extra space for their creative messages, mbw® now brings boundless colour into play. Because advertisers looking to make an even bigger impact with the styles for the popular plush products from Wanderup can now do so using an all-over print finish. This process turns full-surface printing of textiles into child’s play, because ‘all-over’ means borderless printing – from seam to seam. The options are almost unlimited when it comes to the choice of motif. Thus, very striking motifs and more complex designs can now also be printed photo-realistically on the entire surface. Particularly for promotional purposes, all-over print provides a terrific opportunity to attract attention using large printed surfaces and to reproduce detailed designs such as company, sports or club clothing designs in line with CI.

Digital all-over printing of the desired motif can be carried out even for small orders (starting at 50 pieces). In the process, great emphasis is placed on quality and design but also on sustainability. 100% recycled material – ocean plastic – is used for this special form of customisation. “It’s never been as easy to display exclusive customer designs on large printed surfaces, which are both eye-catching and true to detail at the same time. Not to mention, absolutely sustainable and handmade in Germany”, mbw managing director Jan Breuer emphasises.
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