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cyber-Wear enters into a new design era

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 24.09.2021

cyber-Wear has expanded its business to incorporate an additional business unit. As announced by the company, it entered into an even bigger graphic and design era with Earebel Creative on 1st September. “We will now develop successful products together for both existing and new customers and take brands to a new level”, according to company sources at the headquarters in Mannheim. “We have often worked together with Earebel in the past because their products don’t just impress us, but also many of our customers. Their sophisticated combination of beanie or headband with integrated high-quality Bluetooth headphones allows non-stop and hands-free music pleasure or phone calls during sports, work or other activities. Earebel always pays attention to the ideal combination of materials, whether it’s for winter or summer, when walking or during endurance sports”. According to cyber-Wear, Earebel is “the blueprint of how brands and products can be created when the foundation has been laid and the authenticity and strength of a brand have been worked out and can be conveyed across all channels and disciplines. Drawing on their own experience in the area of brand building and development, they now want to share this expertise with other companies as well”. “We put design at the centre of all we do and develop communication and products which offer new possibilities for their users, thus raising brand value and emotional brand loyalty”, Earebel Creative says. And Steven Baumgärtner adds: “Cool products by cool guys. The combination of headphones and beanie is a simple yet ingenious idea. I’ve been using Earebel for many years when running. Sound, fit, comfort – simply marvellous. What’s more, the Earebel team is also incredibly innovative and the collaboration is a relaxed and very constructive process”. With respect to cyber-Wear, Earebel Creative brings its own customers, but will also directly take on new customers. The team will be firmly integrated in the daily business of cyber-Wear – to ensure close cooperation and constant dialogue in all areas.