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<strong>Creative eye-catchers: New digital wallpapers for mobile phones</strong>

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 07.02.2023

The new digital wallpapers that Faber-Castell has made available for download on its website provide creative inspiration: When looking at the smartphone, its display acts as the perfect frame for the little analogue masterpieces made by talented creators from the Faber-Castell community: All the wallpapers were created by international artists with whom the company collaborates successfully on its social media channels time and again. They are all particularly at home with certain products and techniques and have designed their wallpaper motifs in the categories Space, Icons, Animals and Magic accordingly with watercolours, ink, wood-cased colour pencils or mixed media: Rodrigo Falco takes us into the infinite expanse of space with his watercolour art, Ursula Doughty draws Disney-style pop figures with Pitt Artist Pen ink pens. Josy creates deceptively real octopus and turtle on paper with the Polychromos artists’ colour pencils, and Eduardo Vieira conjures up magically luminous motifs with the mixed media technique. You can download all the motifs and find out more about the artists on the Faber-Castell website at