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Goldstar announces new global web domain:

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 19.04.2023

Goldstar, Irish supplier of writing instruments, makes a strategic move towards unifying their global brand, bringing together “” and “” under a single domain —

This move signifies a number of changes on the horizon for Goldstar’s growing business; R. J. Hagel, Director of Global Marketing shares a little more about their plans for the future: “This is an exciting time for our brand and furthering our vision of Simplicity®. We are working hard on several projects that support an easier way of doing business and opens the door to developing stronger inter-continental partnerships. This new web experience allows distributors across North America and Europe to see all of what we have to offer across each market. On the product side of the business, we’ve had a tremendous response in North America to the addition of drinkware and bags categories in the past couple of years, and we are excited to announce that over 40 styles of drinkware and bags are debuting in Europe this Spring/Summer. Dozens more items including new writing instrument styles are planned for Fall. We want to be thought of for more than just pens and when you think of writing instruments, drinkware or bags, we want you to think — that’s”

Amongst other technology updates happening across the company — a new content platform joins the updated website as well as the addition of a new security-enhanced payment portal which Goldstar released in February.