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cyber-Academy: Promoting. Developing. Shaping the Future.

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 31.05.2023

It is the year 2023. An era that is perceived as the digital transformation at the latest since the pandemic. And with the digital transformation we are experiencing an enormous push into the future.

In line with these premises, the advertising material service provider cyber-Wear is launching a digital learning platform under the slogans “Promote. Develop. Shaping the future. – flexible, digital and sustainable”: The so-called cyber-Academy comprises three major areas in training and further education.

Starting from the onboarding process, which easily and quickly integrates employees into the company, to professional further training on to specialisations, which can be completed with a certificate for various seminar themes. Yet this is only the beginning.

The cyber-Academy is available to employees around the clock. Every employee can flexibly determine his or her learning pace and time. It is a digital classroom, which offers the following benefits:

• The highest degree of flexibility: access to one’s own training courses anytime and everywhere – via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

• Personal learning progress at a glance: what tasks are already completed, which activities are still pending – the training status is clearly displayed.

• Diverse functions: numerous interactive tools promote cooperation and learning.

• The best of several worlds: the cyber-Academy combines the skills of employees with further training opportunities and specialisations.

“Our knowledge and our expertise are based not only on practical experience from almost 30 years with different experts from the company. It is even better: we wish to go beyond this and draw on the expertise of our partners, which of course flows 100 % into the cyber-Academy. This includes topics such as various manufacturing processes, refinement methods as well as product presentation innovations. As a result, we combine external and internal skills and unite knowledge from different minds”, explains cyber-Wear managing director Steven Baumgärtner and adds: “The knowledge of all employees thus constantly grows with first-class, custom-made training courses, in order to create added value thereby and through the mutual exchange of ideas. Through the regular transfer of knowledge and continuous enquiries, we guarantee consistent quality and professionally trained employees.”

Baumgärtner continues: “We want to be and can be #bestinclass. This is our aspiration. And we will live up to it. After all, the theme of digitalisation has only really just picked up speed. We are excited to see where our journey with the Academy takes us.  This take-off is the beginning of a new era at cyber-Wear – cyber-Wear goes academic.”

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