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A master of perspective

Caroline Zöller

Published on 05.11.2019

The aim of the Mannheim Street Art Festival “Stadt.Wand.Kunst” is to turn the city into a sort of public art gallery. Since 2013, the festival has invited national and international street artists along to create large-format murals to improve the appearance of dull house facades. The murals are painted in meticulous detail by hand using paintbrushes and rollers. One of the festival’s further goals is to create the first freely accessible urban art gallery in Baden-Wurttemberg. All people should be able to access the “Open Urban Art Gallery” at any time, have access to art and also be able to watch for free an artwork being created, right up to its completion.
As part of Stadt.Wand.Kunst 2019, Venetian artist PEETA transformed a house in Mannheim Neckarstadt-West into an impressive 3D-sculpture in June 2019. The artist, whose real name is Manuel Di Rita, has been a stalwart of the Italian graffiti scene since the nineties. His perfectly constructed 3D-designs and optical illusions – so-called trompe l’œils – have made him famous throughout the entire world.


In just one week PEETA has brought a house facade in Mannheim to life. You see all sorts of curves, corners, angles and edges which are not really there. His technical ability to transform a building solely using perspective techniques without actually altering the substance of the building in any way gives passers-by an unexpected new angle on their immediate environment.


Here you can watch a making-of video. Anyone who would like to see the house in the flesh can find it at the address Zehntstraße 1 in Mannheim.
Large-format visual communication will also play a major role at the next viscom. On 9th January 2020, the interior design focus day will be devoted to the topic of “presenting rooms effectively using large-format digital prints.”

Images: Stadt.Wand.Kunst
Video: Robin Kachfi for GALLION on Vimeo