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A forgotten world

Julia Bernert

Published on 10.12.2019

The “Syrup Room” design team has given the Bournemouth shopping centre an apocalyptic feel.

Syrup Room’s latest project, in Bournemouth shopping centre comes across to visitors as somewhere from a distant and deserted future. Tendrils of Ivy wind their way up escalators, while walls are covered in dirt and littered with rusty rivets. Lopsided neon signs, broken advertising hoardings and dusty pipes make the place look like the set of a dystopian movie. The way the world would look if our shopping malls were to be reclaimed by nature.

The project is designed to clarify to consumers just how city centres could look in the future if the trend towards online trade continues at its current rate. At the same time, this impressive installation is intended to attract customers and give them a reason for visiting the town – providing a powerful mix of design, satisfying the demand for attention-grabbing shopping experiences and reflecting on day-to-day consumer behaviour.

Alongside vegetation, lights, bolts and props, the designers have relied on large prints for their effective interior design. The use of faded colours and rusting paintwork helps capture the spirit of decay particularly effectively. Instead of exposing or concealing the masonry, the designers have used large format prints as atmospheric interior design elements. With the right decorations in combination with other advertising elements, they have created a successful conversion that illustrates just how quickly a site can be transformed with lasting effect.

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Images: The Syrup Room