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A totally new coat of paint

Caroline Zöller

Published on 17.12.2019

The Station Hotel at viscom demonstrates the broad range of new interior design materials that are now available. This hotel lobby is something very special.

Next stop: the Station Hotel. Together with viscom, the print services provider Photofabrics is going to be demonstrating a live interior design application in conjunction with innovative materials provided by Primex, Igepa and KREA. An unusual atmosphere will be created in the hotel lobby of the fictional Düsseldorf concept hotel with really sharp images from pullPIX, the agency for high-resolution images and Adobe stock materials.

On stand O65 in Hall 13, trade visitors walk across an individually printed anti-slip Tex Walk. The textile fabric with a matt white structured vinyl coating also has R12 anti-slip certification without any protective laminate. Then the floor changes to polymer vinyl flooring. There, the carpeting has been stuck on top of another layer of carpeting thanks to a special thick and powerful adhesive that has been applied to the vinyl and which is specially designed for adhering to uneven surfaces, even carpeting.

The reception area and concierge’s desk have been created using LED-fabric folding counters in line with the motto, bright, quick and functional. The counters are easy to construct and can be joined together to create larger units with the aid of connectors. Employing a keder system makes it quick and easy to fit and replace motifs. All you need to do is fit a cover and everything is finished.

Primex sound-absorbent room dividers ensure optimum acoustics. Anyone who takes a seat next to one of these partitions can immediately hear the difference. The constructions consist of an aluminium frame with integrated high-performance acoustic fleece and textiles which can be decorated individually using digital printing. The walls are not solely used in hotels but also in offices, banks, insurances, working areas and public buildings.

Two light boxes function as eye-catchers, even from a long way away. The Primex lights have an elegant aluminium frame and offer both one-sided or two-sided illumination from an LED module with an output of approx. 1600 lux. These boxes are also quick and easy to erect. Power is provided by a plug-and-play connection. The frame has a depth of 100 or 150 mm depending on the lighting performance.

viscom’s interior design stand immediately stands out from a distance. Two light walls – one of which 5 m high – point the way to the Station Hotel. The two impressive wall frames are easy to cover using a keder system and are illuminated evenly, despite their size. A high-resolution image used in this context immediately creates a very imposing mural, yet one which can be replaced with a new image both quickly and cost-effectively. Just around the corner, the wall behind reception has been fitted with a textile tape. It is worth having a feel, as this printed creation also has a very special feel to it.

Anyone who needs a break after this grand display can choose from individually printed and covered seats, e.g. in the combination of a stone pavement armchair with manhole cover cushions. The velvety material used is intended to provide a deliberate contrast to the visual design.

The suppliers of all the materials and Photofabrics, the print service provider, and dlv will all be available for questions In the lobby of the Station Hotel. Netzwerk Ladenbau also provides support as a cooperation partner for interior design. And viscom also has plenty more to offer in the direction of interior design. Here is an overview of the full programme.

Images: viscom