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Art in consumer space

Caroline Zöller

Published on 17.12.2019

The London subsidiary of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton has been redesigned and turned shopping into a visual experience.

US-American interior decorator Peter Marino has exhibited 43 works of art by 25 artists in an unconventional setting in New Bond Street. The works add a totally new dimension to the store spread over three floors. Spiral staircases, colourful exterior starbursts, which extend across some of the shop-windows, and floor prints for guiding shoppers help create a connection between the brand and art using spectacular shapes and colours. The works of art merge with their surroundings, guiding customers’ eyes and feet through the store.

It is especially important that brands use visual communication to make a statement nowadays because the face of retail trade is changing so rapidly. Particularly when it comes to his facade installation, Marino explores new paths – coloured rays fan out across the masonry until they reach the shop-windows, connecting the interior design and art. The installation is far more than an exhibition that happens to be on sale. Instead, it forms an integral part of the store that can no longer be separated from the brand. Clear bright colours help communicate a light and cheerful atmosphere for customers to enjoy. A video illustrates how the whole thing was created.

The theatrical nature of the shop windows is reflected by the interior of the store. There are works of art on each of the floors, which are clad with sandstone tiles, and also bright colourful adhesive strips, for example, that cover some of the steps in the stairwell.

Marino, who has spent many years working for the Louis Vuitton fashion brand, has seen how the art of presentation has evolved over the years, particularly in the retail trade. He wants to support brands in using the power of visual communication above and beyond the ubiquitous shop-window.

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Trade visitors should not just watch but also take part in the workshop on stand H51 in Hall 13. There you will have the opportunity to foil-coat walls, print wallpaper individually and digitally, create large-format posters or banners and produce illuminated letters and clamping frames. During the fair, the facade of a real barber’s shop will be created in teamwork.

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Images and video of store and building: Louis Vuitton

Image of barber’s shop: Tim Mossholder on