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Continuing education in the textile finishing market

Caroline Zöller

Published on 02.01.2020

There is a whole plethora of materials available for use in the field of embroidery these days, but the question is, just what materials are suitable for which applications?

The Aka-Tex Academy for Textile Finishing offers a seminar in Austria that provides plenty of background and basic knowledge relating to this topic.

A German-language seminar entitled “Yarns, Needles, Fleeces, the Basics of Thread Tensioning” is being offered as part of the Academy Week from 18th to 20th March 2020 in the Vienna Showroom of the textiles specialist New Wave Austria. The expertise provided here covers many of the applications relating to textile finishing. Being able to produce a clean embroidery sample demands a high level of expertise in materials, functionality and factors such as the tension of the thread used on the embroidery machine.

Karin Ganster, CEO of New Wave Austria, attaches a lot of importance to such educational seminars and intends to place even more emphasis on training and workshops in the future: “We see that there is a huge demand for mediating know-how in the market for textile finishing, sportswear, workwear and corporate fashion. After a successful week of seminars with our colleagues from New Wave Germany, we are pleased to be able to offer this programme in our two showrooms in Vienna and Erl in collaboration with the Academy for Textile Finishing.”

The Textile Finishing Academy has also managed to gain the support of MHM Machines Highest Mechatronic as a partner alongside New Wave Austria to launch the seminar campaign in Austria. As Thomas Fröhlich, CEO of MHM says, “MHM attaches a lot of importance to training and development. We want to show the strengths and opportunities offered by screen printing by talking directly to customers and interested users. We recently set up a fully equipped screen-printing lab for training purposes for this very reason.”

In the initial academy week, from 3rd to 6th March 2020, the German-language seminars on offer include, “Textile Merchandising Knowledge”, “Screen-Printing on Sports Shirts and Other Difficult Textiles”, “The Screen-Printing Convention”, involving several textile and screen-printing experts, as well as a workshop devoted to “Sustainability: Certified Textile Printing” with Thomas Mosner, expert in all matters relating to screen printing.

The second academy week in New Wave’s Vienna Showroom is devoted on three days (18th to 20th March 2020) to the following topics in German again, “Finding Your Way Through the Multiplicity of Embroidery Materials out There”. Viennese lawyer Ulrike Kargl will also be asking the question, “Am I Allowed to Do This?”, with an eye to brands, designs and copyright in Austria, as well as “textile merchandising expertise”.

You can find full information relating to the events organised by the academy here (link!/veranstaltungen). Embroidery-machine manufacturers and textile finishers will also be meeting up for an in-depth discussion at viscom, which takes place parallel to PromoTex Expo in Düsseldorf from 7th to 9th January 2020.


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