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How packaging needs to be today

Caroline Zöller

Published on 02.01.2020

Packaging is what connects the product and consumer. It needs to send out the right messages if it is to sell the product effectively.

Once again, reality has exceeded the e-commerce growth forecast for this year. In the fourth quarter, online trade in Germany was twelve percent higher than in the previous year. The federal association bveh calculates that e-commerce will have increased by a total of eleven percent over the last financial year, with this figure set to increase still further in the future.

This means that brands and products need to assert themselves in the marketplace both online and offline. If you want customers to buy your products, it is increasingly important that all three aspects – your product, packaging and a plausible brand history – all gel.

At the Packaging Lunch on 8th January 2020, designers, agencies, brands, material manufacturers and the packaging industry will be discussing just what brands and packaging need to do today. One of the current central topics is “sustainability in brand communication”. Before they meet up for their joint lunch in the Members Only Lounge, participants can attend three talks on the topic in Forum 13. At 11:30am, Gary Parker from Intertek Health will be talking about sustainability and green brands as a way of winning customers. Afterwards, at 12am, Alexandra Wallner of Pirlo Tubes GmbH will be lecturing on the role of sustainable packaging for social brands, while Paul Kündiger will be examining at 12:30pm how his company Hauptstadtader has managed to cause a furore with vegan adhesive labels and who is interested in them.

The packaging networking event starts at 1pm in the PSI Members Only Lounge in Hall 9, stand G20 with three keynote speeches. First, Uwe Melichar, packaging partner at Factor Design, Hamburg and president of epda (European Fire & Packaging Design Association) will be lecturing on a fresh development: “Love Brands: how customers learn to love brands with a green strategy.”

At 1:20pm, Alexander Vollbach from Niyok will be appearing on the platform to demonstrate why it is worthwhile packaging natural toothpaste in sustainable tubes made of 50 percent chalk and 50 percent polyethylene.

The programme will close at 1:30pm with a judicial excursus. Dr Reinhard Fischer of Cohausz & Florack legal partners will be explaining the topic: “Yours or Mine?” A compact keynote speech aimed particularly at agencies and packaging designers and covering design protection rights, copyright and trademarks by using a case study. There will be enough time afterwards to discuss in depth the question of what packaging can and needs to provide today.

After lunch, there will an opportunity from 2:30pm to hear another two lectures in the forum of the PSI Members Only Lounge on the topic of brand communication. The topic panel “Of advertising, brands and dealing with the topic of sustainability” will be moderated by Ute von Buch, publisher and editor-in-chief of the trade journal creativ verpacken, which is again collaborating on the Packaging Lunch and schedule this year.

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