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Visitor Statements PSI, viscom and PromoTex

Julia Bernert

Published on 08.01.2020

Petra Erasmi and Bernd Jacobs, CEOs, Chic Belgique, Belgique

“We are here to get new ideas for our customers and to learn more about trends. We are particularly interested in everything related to textile finishing, as that is our core competence.” So viscom is most important for us.” But both want to use the opportunity to visit all three trade fairs and get a general overview of the industry.

Michel Münster, Römer Wellness & Care, Germany

Michel Münster visits PSI for the first time: “I wanted to visit the fair for a long time. I am looking forward to meet new potential suppliers.” Römer Wellness & Care specializes in wellness products for the promotional products trade and has around 1,000 products in its range.

Garcia Fulgencio, Golydul, Spain

The Spanish company is in the market for about 35 years. So far, the focus has been on customers outside of Europe. “Now we want to get in the European market and that is why we are visiting viscom, PSI and PromoTex. I hope, I have enough time, because everywhere is a lot to develop.”

Azadeh Dashti, Kourosh Sairy, IT Glanz, Iran

“We take part at viscom for the first time, because we want to develop our business. We were previously active in Iran and now have locations in Germany,” they state. Import and Export of promotial items is our core business. “Finding a good printing partner is our main aim.”

Mireille George-Peusch, Jessica Merenz, Mireille Peusch, Tamara Merenz, Graphicube, Luxembourg

The colleagues visit the three fairs together, they are especially interested in PSI and are well prepared: ”If it runs good, our suitecases will be full of items of new suppliers,” they say laughing. “Graphics and promotional items, so you can summarize our interest briefly, ” they state. “The changes in the industry and in our day-to-day work with customers are: Sustainability and origins of the products, if possible, from Europe.”

Peter Weiß, CEO, Kettel- and Stickdienst Weiß, Germany

Peter Weiß is specialized in textile finishing and visiting the trade fair for the third time: “I am particularly interested in innovations in the areas of printing and embroidery at PromoTex. Here on site, I can assess the quality of the end products much better than in catalogs and talk directly to the exhibitors.”

Eliana Bonfanti and Flavio Olivieri, Promoline, Italy

We meet the colleagues at Promotex, but their core interest is the fair PSI: “We visit PSI for about ten years and always get new ideas for promotional items.“ About changes in the industry they state: “Sustainability is a topic, our customers pay more and more attention. So we also have to.” The Italian company’s core business is the development and in-house production of customized clothing, bags and beach towels.

Jeanette Weitzel and Paula Cohrs, Pluspol, Germany

Pluspol is an agency specializing in sales promotion and produces advertising materials that are individually tailored for its customers. “Customizability is playing an increasingly important role, as is sustainability,” explain the colleagues. “For us, sustainability means, for example, climate-neutral production and the reusability of products.” They visit PSI to get the latest industry news and to exchange ideas with existing suppliers.

Dominik Trebes, Trebes GmbH, Germany

“I get an overview of all three trade fairs. Because I am considering to be present with my company as an exhibitor in the coming year. “Innovative, digital manufacturing and finishing processes form the main business of Trebes GmbH. So his focus is today on co-exhibitors, the way they present themselves and potential locations for the coming year.