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PromoTex Exhibitor Statements

Julia Bernert

Published on 09.01.2020

Rainer Schlatmann, Editor Bremen Cotton Report, Bremer Baumwollbörse

„ We were very busy and we were very successful in creating a better understanding of cotton, which could be experienced haptically here at our stand in various stages and qualities. We welcome the synergies of the three trade fairs taking place in parallel. The market is already thinking more holistically! We therefore find that a small-scale segmentation, as we have often seen at various events in the past, is no longer up tp date. After all, for example, the printing houses and the textile industry work directly together and use very modern technologies in production thanks to digitization.”

Manuel Krings, Co-Founder, Die Hehlerei

„ It was our premiere at PromoTex and we loved it! The development and live production of a small collection of clothing donations from visitors in collaboration with the pop-up sewing factory and other exhibitors was very well received. We had a lot of fun participating in the fair and, above all, we were able to hold many very interesting discussions. We are still a very small company and really enjoyed reaching out to the market here. We already have new ideas for next year and are looking forward to being there again.”

Laura Powott, UK Brand Ambassador, Mantis World

„ PromoTex Expo was wonderful! We had very high quality discussions at the booth with people from a wide variety of industries and with a wide variety of backgrounds. Thanks to the interaction of the three trade fairs, we were able to welcome a greater variety of visitors to the stand. Sustainability was the top issue. After 20 years of work in this area, we are particularly pleased that the industry has started to rethink. You could experience that everywhere at the trade fairs.”

Rafat Zieba, Sales Director, ADLER CZECH a.s.

„ We are generally satisfied. The number of visitors to our booth was higher than last year. We were pleased with the higher amount of international visitors compared to German visitors, who found their way to us from Scandinavia, Russia and Poland in particular. For us, the PromoTex Expo is a great show to communicate with our customers. For us, it’s less about business than PR.”

Torben Henriksen, Country Manager Deutschland, Mascot International GmbH

„ We take part as an exhibtor at PromoTex for the first time and we were pleasantly surprised about the quality of the visitors. Our aim is to establish our distribution network in this area, across Germany and internationally. To summarize. We hold a lot of good discussions with participants from the national and international markets. We see that Promotional Weat retailers are showing increasing interest in getting into workwear. Many sales partners see an opportunity for addional business there.”