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Precision with foil in the Nations Wrap Cup

Dominique Schroller

Published on 20.01.2020

Team Germany I wins the Nations Wrap Cup at viscom. For three days, teams from all over the world changed the colour of various vehicles using hairdryers and foil.

The cars changed colour at lightning speed in this competition. But speed alone did not make viscom the winner of the Nations Wrap Cup. To ensure that everything was in the paint, the new body design with digital printing and colour changing film, disc tones and the installation of stone chip protection film also had to be bubble and scratch-free. To achieve this goal, teams from all over the world spent three days gluing what film, hot air dryer and special tools were needed. The success of Team Germany I with captain Jürgen Eidt was due to the right strategy in planning and implementation. With speed and precision, the team beat the competition from Germany II under the leadership of Normann Brübach to second place. The third place went to Great Britain I with team boss Michael Szwacki.