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Embroidery trends collection autumn/winter 2020/21

Julia Bernert

Published on 21.01.2020

A collection of contrasts awaits us – the developments and upheavals in politics and society are also reflected in the textile and clothing industry. On the one hand, digitalisation is being pushed forward more and more and developments in the field of smart technologies are surprising repeatedly. On the other hand, many people are returning to classic values and applying this to their purchasing behaviour. High-tech materials have become affordable for everyone and fascinate people of all generations and genders. At the same time, natural materials and appearances are booming, as are companies that are taking sustainable paths.

This disruption in society is also reflected in the colour worlds for the Autumn/Winter 2020/21 collection: on the one hand, the colours are loud, bright and intense; on the other hand, they are very reserved, natural and earthy. The same applies to the fabrics: Transparent, coated and high-gloss plastics share the market with matt, structured fabrics made of natural fibres and yarns.

These developments will also have an impact on the area of ingredients and textile decorations, which is why we want to take a look at the trends in embroidery and decorative seams here:

Transparency remains a major theme, harmoniously and discreetly decorated, as well as striking and colourful. Alongside clear materials, milky and semi-transparent films are becoming more important, as the following examples show.

The next two photos show classic check patterns, but embroidered with fancy yarns and not woven. Embroidery makes every plain fabric unique and helps to place designs exactly where they are needed, e.g. for inserts, pockets or collars.

Many brands deal with the trend of individualization and personalization of their collections. Here, high quality and luxurious hand embroideries are also considered. The company Rumi Embroideries from India, for example, uses high quality machine embroidery threads to produce noble, handmade creations.

When looking for volume and relief in a fabric or garment, an effect seam can be the ideal solution. If this is sewn with an embroidery or fancy yarn instead of a conventional sewing thread, the look will be perfect. You can see it in the last series of pictures:

All photos: Reiner Knochel