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Using advertising to create an unusual stay

Dominique Schroller

Published on 10.02.2020

Large-format digital printing and individual designs give hotels that unique atmosphere

Creative interior design is intended to surprise guests while also offering them a source of inspiration and an unusual stay. In an effort to achieve this, nhow hotels deliberately use large-size digital prints that are intended to attract attention. The company’s new hotel in Amsterdam draws on this tradition.

While decorating lobbies, restaurants and rooms, the architects have really pulled out all the stops when it comes to incorporating advertising. Individual print designs on wallpaper, textiles and carpeting determine the appearance of all rooms. The room designs have been inspired by different countries and cultural diversity, with people from all over the world having been celebrated in the various hotel rooms by depictions of them wearing their typical national costumes. The large-format textile prints above the bedhead are framed by ornaments and patterns appropriate to the respective society.

Wall coverings, carpeting, bedcovers, pillow-cases and curtains all complement one another to create a modern holistic impression that reflects Amsterdam’s role as a centre of global trade and that the city has always been a melting pot of different cultures. The individual print designs on the bedcovers, walls, floor and furniture reflect the Amsterdam’s culture and lend the hotel its unique feel.

Motel One has demonstrated just how effectively advertising can be used as an integral element of interior design for many years now. Its hotels convince with stylish design, high quality fittings and a central location.

Appearance and design also play a key role in the company’s business strategy. Motel One communicates its image with a uniform appearance in which powerful shapes and striking colours dominate, right across the chain. Turquoise and brown provide the colour code that the company regularly uses throughout its hotels, including on print materials and as part of its online presence. A pattern, specially designed for Motel One, with an integrated company logo lends the interior design a unique appearance. It is used on, among other things, carpets, curtains, bedclothes and for different lighting effects.

In addition, Motel One also uses local colour as part of its design for lobbies, lounges and breakfast rooms. In Cologne, the world-famous 4711 Eau de Cologne logo is emblazoned across a huge LCD screen behind the bar. In Munich, typographical representations of greetings in local dialect are presented together with their phonetic transcriptions. In Vienna, digital printed wallpaper features dancers of the Viennese State Opera.

Motel One also attaches a lot of importance to providing an immediately recognizable brand image, as it makes up a key element of their business communication.

Images: nhow Hotel and Motel One