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Socks with a twist: CustomySocks produces bespoke socks

Julia Bernert

Published on 09.03.2020

Regardless of whether it is a project conclusion, a company anniversary or the annually recurring Christmas present – there are many good reasons for companies wanting to present their own staff or good business partners with give-aways. All the more so if these are personalised and, above all, originally designed.

This question also kept Lucas Pulkert and Maria Pentschev busy. Six years ago they launched the sock label Von Jungfeld in Mannheim right after leaving university and have established it successfully in fashion retail since. “Back then socks were the ‘lost products’,” says Lucas Pulkert looking back on the early days. Socks were products so boring that nobody wanted to have them as a present. “We came up with the idea of emotionalising socks, making them hip.” Moving them out of the shadows and giving them a new colourful life! Von Jungfeld socks are available in any conceivable colour for men and women. They come with high-contrast colour blocking and with humorous patterns, at times featuring graphic designs, at others figurative motifs. The current highlight for the 2020 Spring/Summer season, for example are holiday motifs such as light houses, penguins or surf boards. Even space motifs are available, like the milky way etc. Von Jungfeld and other competitors have long proven that socks are so much more than just attire to keep your feet warm. These days socks are fashion statements and they are enjoying growing popularity.

One year ago they had the idea of not just developing their own sock designs for fashion retail but also customising socks for companies. Last January Customysocks was presented at the Promotex trade show in Düsseldorf for the first time. After all, one thing is for sure: today just about every pattern can be translated into socks so why not logos, CI colours or other messages? By launching the CustomySocks brand Von Jungfeld established a corporate spin-off that developed very well in no time. Their customerbase is quite impressive ranging from SAP and Sony to Roche and Mercedes-Benz. Even complete municipal authorities sport their own sock design today. “Our socks are gifts that are fun to have and that our customers really use,” explains Pulkert. This makes socks attractive for companies on a quest for more creative gift ideas. Up to six colours per design are available, minimum order quantity are 500 pairs in various sizes. The company also offers creative and high-quality solutions for packaging, which can also be produced according to companies’ specifications. Pulkert adds: “Packaging is important and definitely plays a major part for our success.”

The socks not only look great they also boast “inner values”. Production is handled by a network of long-established and experienced manufacturers in Europe, especially in Poland, Portugal, Turkey and even Germany. Those placing emphasis on domestic production can have their socks made 100% in Germany. When selecting manufacturing partners the company pays attention to compliance with high social standards, to high quality and sustainable production. All socks are produced in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard and even GOTS certifications are possible. Roughly six to eight weeks is the lead time from design to shipping. Direct shipping can also be taken care of.

Photo: Behrendt und Rausch