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Full Service as an opportunity for promotional textiles specialists

Julia Bernert

Published on 10.03.2020

Transformation is Key – especially in textile printing. Today, thinking out of the box, adapting to new processes and buying into new business models is paramount. Not only the extension of the promotional product range to include merchandise products is considered a driver for success but also the conversion of the business into a full-service supplier. This is precisely the avenue that Lars Losse has successfully opted for as a Managing Director of Textildruck Europa GmbH, founded by his father in 1966. A business case that made a lasting impression at the PromoTex Expo from 7 to 9 January 2020.

The biggest opportunity for promotional products distributors, producers and finishers is to awaken desire; because the “want-to-have” factor is what decides on whether consumers feel the need to buy or wear a product. For instance with workwear – acceptance and actual use is demonstrably higher when the garments have fashion appeal and are personalised. Or textile merchandising articles such as hoodies or shirts that create new buying incentives as long as the brand – be this an artist, film or club – is strong enough. This can especially benefit specialists in promotional products and promotion wear. The technical prerequisites and workflows for finishing workwear and the range of textile merchandising products are generally a given. The trick, however, is (not) only to apply a message to just any textile.  

Especially at times where the economy is doing less well – such as in the automotive industry – promotional product distributors, producers and finishers have to think bigger and realise the potential of their own customers. And what’s more: they have to see themselves as product developers and especially as marketing partners. “Just because somebody does not order a product with us, this does not necessarily mean that they do not want to have it,” said Lars Losse, Managing Director of Textildruck Europa GmbH from Halle an der Saale, in an interview at PromoTex Expo. He recommends taking a closer look at your customerbase. “The core question should read: How strong is my customer’s brand? The answer to this will determine what products you can design for them and with them to help them successfully build their brand.” With this attitude Lars Losse has diversified his ranges, adapted his business processes to the new market conditions and re-positioned himself as a full-service provider for textile merchandising. Successfully so. His customers include not only international artists and wholesalers but also football clubs or automotive manufacturers. Thanks to today’s technology private customers can have their products customised for them – irrespective of long runs and on-demand orders, micro orders from 1 unit are possible. This is why Textildruck Europa GmbH, now employing a staff of some 100 people, recently chalked up orders of six million prints a year – and not only thanks to textile silk-screen printing, transfer and digital printing. The spectrum of full-service components now ranges from consulting and branding to design and e-Commerce even including warehousing logistics and is rounded off by their own green fashion label called GreenBomb.

Be it professional consulting for the selection of textiles or the right finishing, be it graphic services or the operative support for motif design, the successful operation of webshops, all-inclusive logistics complete with shipping or a re-labelling service with in-house sewing and embroidery shop – the diversity of service components just involved in promotional textile printing reflects the demand of the industry and the opportunities for suppliers. “Those wanting to escape comparability in the promotional products industry to some extent and to become more diversified in view of the economic situation, are well advised to re-think their existing business model,” explains Lars Losse and advises: “Whoever really wants to re-orient their business should definitely get reliable and qualified service partners on board to be able to deliver high-quality services in just about all situations.” This is why Textildruck Europa raffled a webshop installation at the past PromoTex Expo. The winner delighted at a professional Internet appearance complete with interface. After all: “Most of the customers that we want to reach with our spectrum of services do not have their own webshop,” says Losse and adds: “With our full-service components we are offering you more than just a kick-start to get your textile merchandising project going.”