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Protective masks instead of ties

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 02.04.2020

The company Tie Solution GmbH is providing support in coping with the corona crisis by converting its production in China to produce protective masks and protective suits in cooperation with a leading manufacturer of protective masks. Since 2004, Tie Solution GmbH has been producing high-quality accessories such as ties, scarves and shawls in the clothing industry in many countries, including China. For this reason, the Hessian company has production, logistics and trading capacities as well as sales channels to Germany.

Taking into account the EU standard, the following products, which are currently urgently needed, can be manufactured/procured at short notice:

• MMS masks (surgical masks) FFP 2
• protective suits
• FFP3 masks (is still being clarified with specialised companies in China)

“As we have the structure and contacts, it is our duty as people and entrepreneurs to help,” says Managing Director Antonio G. Sanchez.

Image: The Tie Solution offices in Wetzlar.