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A wall of air

Caroline Zöller

Published on 03.04.2020

As light as a feather, yet deceptively realistic: simulated masonry made of Neopor is both easy to affix and impressively realistic.

At first sight, 1m² wall panels made by artrockz look like genuine stonework. However, what you are actually looking at are Neopor panels that weigh a mere 860 g/m². Neopor is an advanced version of expandable polystyrene that incorporates graphite particles and has better insulation properties than the original product. More than 1 million tons of Neopor are used in different industries annually.

artrockz uses the material to create 3D simulations of masonry facades in different brick and stone looks. The benefits of their product are the rapid assembly and removal that the plug-in elements allow for when used as wall décor or for scenery or temporary installations at trade fairs or exhibitions. The plug-in elements also allow enormous freedom when it comes to decorating interiors or creating outdoor advertising. The expanded imitation masonry is a great way of achieving the maximum effect with the minimum of effort.

An impressive demonstration of its qualities is the Buddenbrooks film set.

As well as providing decorative elements for smooth walls, it can also be used for cambers, corners, windowsills and segmental arches.  A round arch, for example, can be created by cutting individual bricks from a panel, sticking them onto the desired surface and rounding off the effect by adding wall panels around the arch. Instructions on how to create round arches or cambers are available online from the artrockz website.

The 1 m² stone panels are available with a realistic patina, pre-manufactured in hand-painted style, and in a brick or natural stone finish with different styles of grouting. The individual panels can be fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle and then attached to the respective surface using a dispersion adhesive. The material has a multitude of uses, does not attract dust, can be fitted without making a noise and is fireproof. The fact that it can be re-used and its low transportation weight improve the product’s ecoblance still further.

artrockz panels can also be decorated with digitally printed wallpaper in masonry look. A combination of 3D Neopor masonry and digital decorative wallpaper totally transforms the feel and looks of a room.