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Protection products against corona: These suppliers can supply

Julia Bernert

Published on 07.04.2020

Protective masks, medical soap and antibacterial pens: Normally these are not the classic top sellers among promotional items. For a few weeks now, however, products that help in the corona crisis have been at the top of customers’ favour.

The PSI Sourcing Team receives daily enquiries from dealers looking for the right promotional items for their customers. Hardly anyone knows the availability and demand as well as Astrid Langenstein, Junior Project Manager at PSI Sourcing. In an interview, she explains what customers are currently looking for and who can deliver reliably.

The Corona crisis has changed the promotional products market considerably. What effects does this have on your everyday work in the PSI Sourcing Team?

For many people, the current situation means an exceptional situation and a lot of uncertainty: new living and working conditions, existential fears, a double burden of work and childcare. Nevertheless, thanks to modern technology, we are able to answer our members’ questions from the home office in the same organised and structured way as in the office. It is particularly important to us to support each individual as best we can in these difficult times. We do not differentiate between membership models; the help of all is our top priority.

How have the daily requests changed?

The colourful world of promotional items has clearly adapted to the situation. While just a few weeks ago it was writing instruments, sweets and cups that determined our search, we are now being asked for products that serve to protect against the corona virus.

What kind of products are these specifically?

The most frequently requested products in the Product Finder currently include respiratory masks, facemasks and medical soap. But antibacterial pens, mechanical eye protection products, face shields and disposable gloves are also in great demand.

How do you give retailers a reliable overview of the suppliers’ product availability and the special range of protection products?

We have now compiled a general availability list from which dealers can obtain up-to-date information on the availability of the suppliers in our network. In addition, we have also compiled a list of suppliers who carry products that are in particular demand in the current situation. As this list is expanding daily, our members can of course contact us as usual by telephone and in writing to ask for an up-to-date status and to receive the list. By the way, we can now also be reached via WhatsApp. If you want to contact us via App, just send us an email to Afterwards, members can communicate with us as easily as with family and friends.

What would you like to share with your members?

The PSI is there for you. Together we can do this. Keep you and your families healthy.