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Arpe goes to produce reusable masks against Covid-19

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 22.04.2020

Given the lack of protective material, Arpe Barcelona has gone from manufacturing promotional products to produce surgical masks. The company has made an effort to develop a textile face mask that is customizable, reusable and washable. This mask has been analyzed by AITEX the approved laboratory of the textile technological institute of Alicante, and the result obtained is that the filtration level of the fabric is very high (99.68%). “It sounds easy but making a product from 0, in just 2 weeks, is more complicated than it seems. Arpe Barcelona has been able to adapt to the situation, rebuilding and reorganizing the entire factory and the different departments. Going from producing promotional products to produce masks in this record time is the result of the intense work of the whole team”, says the company.

The objective is to manufacture at maximum speed the largest number of white masks to contribute their grain of sand in this fight against the COVID-19. So far, they have distributed thousands of masks to different sectors: town halls, logistics companies, food companies, personnel who manage technical assistance, insurance companies, small businesses, automotive, transports, mutual societies and others.

“At this time, protection and caution are the most important, for this reason we only manufacture white masks, so we can go faster attending to the needs of our customers. When this alarm situation is over, because we believe it will do so, we will be able to manufacture custom masks in full color, with endless possibilities”, adds Arpe.