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Wera tools in augmented reality

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 29.04.2020

Wera, the Wuppertal-based screwdriving tool specialist, has taken an important step towards digitalisation when presenting its products: The most sought-after tools from the brand manufacturer’s extensive range can now also be retrieved in augmented reality (AR). Wera presents the new computer-aided extension of the reality perception of screwdriving tools on the Wera website and illustrates the possibilities and advantages for the trade and users.

With the help of AR, the viewer sees the selected tool in a real environment without the tool itself being present. The virtual representation can be accessed with a smartphone, tablet or PC directly in the product section of the Wera website and all this without the need for a complex app that has to be downloaded first. For example, the AR version of the screwdriving tool can be placed on a workbench, in a bag or in a workshop trolley to get an impression of the true size and appearance in your own environment. 

Trade partners also benefit from this in sales talks because they do not always have a product sample at hand when their customers ask for it. With AR, not only can the size be displayed but also special details which do not lose their sharpness when zooming in. In addition, this “What you see is what you get” feature helps avoid returns because customers can see in augmented reality exactly what products they will later receive. Click here for Wera Augmented Reality:

Photo: Wera Werkzeuge