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Mister Bags: Food bank supported with food bags

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 11.05.2020

“Give instead of take” – this was the motto for a solidarity campaign recently initiated by the Essen-based cotton bag specialist Mister Bags for the local food bank. “Especially in times like these, when we all have to be separated and almost live in isolation, we believe that thinking about other people is more important than ever now,” says Managing Director Tobias Gottwald.

The corona pandemic is a major challenge for the food banks in Germany. Support for the 1.65 million food bank customers cannot be maintained in its traditional form because of the spread of the corona virus. Many food banks have temporarily suspended operations to protect their employees and customers. Other food banks are reorganising their operations so that food distribution can be carried out with as little contact as possible. This aspect alone is itself a challenge as regular food bank work is designed to ensure as much personal contact as possible. One of the acute challenges is a sharp decline in food donations as the retail trade has fewer surpluses due to the sharp increase in demand and has no capacity to sort unsold food for the food banks. Quite a few food banks had to close down their outlets completely or partially for this very reason.

“We thought that we would like to provide support and filled 50 bags with food for daily needs and donated them to the Essen food bank.”