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Wilker save the zoo with T-shirts, masks and cups

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 11.05.2020

An example from Osnabrück/Germany shows how successful and helpful an initiative from our industry can be when a promotional product distributor supports his long-standing customer in an uncomplicated and committed manner. Rescuer T-shirts, oronasal masks with animal motifs, cups and much more: in the so-called Rescuer Shop of Werbemittelagentur Dr. Wilker, zoo fans can support Osnabrück Zoo with creative merchandising products. After just under a month of online sales, the company has already handed over 20,000 euros in donations to the zoo.

Osnabrück Zoo has been open again since 6 May and the first visitors are walking along the zoo paths in colourful T-shirts. With the imprint “#zooretter” (zoo rescuer) and the logo of the Osnabrück Zoo, the garment clearly shows the wearer’s commitment to the zoo on the Schölerberg. The T-shirts are sold online in the “Rescuer Shop” of Werbemittelagentur Dr. Wilker GmbH & Co. KG. “For almost a month now, ‘rescuer products’ such as T-shirts, cups and bags have been available for order. For every item sold, a specified amount is donated directly to the zoo. The items are so popular among customers that we have already been able to hand over 20,000 euros in donations,” said Andreas Schewtzuck, Managing Director of the advertising agency, at the symbolic cheque presentation.

At Schewtzuck and his team sell a total of ten different products to support the zoo: “We wanted to help the animals on the Schölerberg in this crisis and approached the zoo with the idea of the Rescuer Shop. Our proposal was heartily welcomed and just one week later the shop was online. We started with a cup, rescuer T-shirts and a quartet but we soon added other products such as lunch boxes and bags”, reports Andreas Schewtzuck. “The latest product is our oronasal mask with a very special zoo rescuer motif: The small and large masks turn into cats of prey themselves thanks to the imprint of a lion’s mouth”. In total, over 5,000 articles have already been sold over the virtual counter. “We were supported in the implementation of the online shop by the company SkyMineVideo which programmed the site virtually overnight and created additional advertising videos and photos for the social networks. That was an enormous help,” says a grateful Schewtzuck.

Andreas Busemann, Managing Director of the zoo, is also delighted to see the first visitors wearing the Rescuer T-shirts at the zoo: “We are delighted with the response of our zoo fans to the rescuer products,” says Busemann. “It’s great to see people with the T-shirts and know that they have helped us through this crisis. We would like to thank all the zoo rescuers and, of course, Werbemittelagentur Wilker who realised this project so quickly and without complications and thus supported us immensely”.