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Sourcing City launch 'Feed a Family' fundraising campaign

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 02.06.2020

Every business in the industry has been damaged by the current coronavirus pandemic. Quite righty, everyone has had to focus on how to save their business and take some tough decisions. We are all now looking at how we recover and rebuild.

Whilst this is happening, there is the stark reality that there are children in our country not eating properly, and some families are going to bed hungry at night. Home schooling has just added more pressure to the most vulnerable.

Sourcing City have launched the ‘Feed a Family’ fundraising campaign and we will double any Food Bank Donations that you, or your company make – and they are creating a total fund of £10,000 to donate.

In the UK, more than 14 million people are living in poverty – including 4.5 million children, and it is hard to think that many of these people can’t even have decent meals every day. 

David Long, founder/CEO of Sourcing City said: “We have all been impacted by the current crisis, and even though our own business has been significantly hit, we want to do something to help hungry families if we can. Even in this situation very few of us will be short of food, and many of us are still in a better position than the poorest in our society. Surely, everyone deserves to have the food they need. We also appreciate that not everyone is in a position to help even if they want to.”

If you are able and want to help, here is what you can do:

  1. Find you local Food Bank and make a cash donation of any amount. (Anything from £5 to £1000, it is up to you.)
  2. Send a copy of your receipt to us at: – with your name and company.
  3. On Friday 12th June we will double all the donation receipts we receive. (Up to a total of £10,000)
  4. The Sourcing City donation will go to the Trussell Trust, an organisation that supports Food Banks nationwide.