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Stricker reinforces Sales Team

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 05.06.2020

Since April new Sales Managers joined the ranks of Stricker Group. Balazs Borbely comes with 6 years of experience in the Promotional Textile world and will be the face of the Group in Hungary. Jurgen Spalburg returns to the industry after a brief outside experience and brings a vast wealth of experience and reputation to the Dutch and Flemish markets. Zaklina Camus is the first element of the British team that is now being built and expanded. She is operating in the Promo world since 2007, having experiences previously in two well reputed specialist companies of the segment. Finally, Kyron Sadik is the new representative for the Irish market, being an absolute new face in the industry but with a previous extensive commercial experience.

With these incorporations Stricker maintains its strategy of becoming an ever-expanding global company but with local presence and strategy for each national market. “Definitively we could not have chosen a more challenging time to incorporate these new employees into our organization. Nevertheless, we see the current pandemic context as a short-term situation, while these new 4 people represent a long-term positioning in each market they are going to address.”, stated Alexandre Gil, CFO of the Group.

Stricker is presently one of the powerhouses of the promotional products industry, closing the financial year of 2019 with over 100 million of Euros of turnover, having near 1.000 people distributed among its specialized teams and having clients in more than 100 different countries.

Photo: The new Sales Managers (from left): Kyron Sadik, Zaklina Camus, Balazs Borbely, Jurgen Spalburg.