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Copper tape offers protection against viruses

Dominique Schroller

Published on 17.06.2020

Copper has an anti-microbial effect. The metal provides protection against coronavirus on surfaces.

The Bremen company Statex has harnessed the anti-microbial effect of copper for a new product. Shieldex® tape is a polyamide fleece which has been enhanced with pure copper and comes with a self-adhesive backing. It can be used anywhere where people come into contact with different surfaces in public or private, where it can protect against viruses and bacteria.

Statex has proven the tape’s efficacy in different trials. Shieldex® tape also disables 99.98% of coronaviruses within a few minutes.

Effective and long-term protection

Used broadly, Shieldex® can effectively protect against the transmission of COVID-19 pathogens and even help to control the virus. As Robert Erichsen, CEO of Statex, explains, “With our copper tape, we would like to support the hygiene measures taken by companies and public authorities while also increasing safety levels for employees, customers and their families”. Surfaces such as door handles, grab poles or shopping trolley handles are the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria – not just in offices, but also in public places with high footfall such as supermarkets or public transport. The tape can prevent viral transmission to people in such places. However, it has even more benefits to offer, as the Statex CEO explains, “Regardless of the current situation, copper tape also works as a long-term preventive measure because it reduces levels of influenza and gastric viruses as well as other potential pathogens which can otherwise be transmitted by all kinds of surfaces and handles”.

Long-term experience

The company has specialised in the production of antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal textiles for over 20 years. Its products are used in the healthcare sector in plasters and wound dressings, for example. As Robert Erichsen reports, “In view of the challenging situation we currently face, we view it as our civic duty to allow others to benefit from the wealth of our experience. That’s why, with copper tape, we have created a product that is intended to help stem the spread of coronavirus and also reduce the transmission of all other types of pathogen after the current pandemic. We have already established copper tape as a hygiene measure for our employees and customers on our own business premises.”

Quick and easy to use

Shieldex® tape has a self-adhesive backing. The acrylate adhesive on the back is adhesive over a temperature range of -40°C to +120°C. The tape is available as standard in 8 x 10 cm films but is also available in custom sizes. To affix, merely cut the tape to the desired size and apply it to a dust and grease-free surface.

Image: Statex