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JUNG since 1828: Change in management

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 24.06.2020

JUNG since 1828 has a new management duo: Peter Neff is the new Managing Director alongside Dennis Dennig. The specialists for sweet promotional products want to provide new impetus in order to sustainably position themselves for the future, according to the company headquarters in Vaihingen an der Enz. Managing Director Dennis Dennig on the change of managing director: “We would like to thank the outgoing managing director Arne Paul Bender for the last three years together and for the good and trusting cooperation on our way to strategic reorientation. We wish him all the best for his future. At the same time, we are pleased to have found in Peter Neff a successor with new impulses and visions, with whom we will be able to quickly and systematically push ahead with our future strategy”.

Clear allocation of responsibilities

Dennis Dennig will continue to focus on sales, marketing and strategic orientation as the industry expert. Peter Neff’s main focus will be on finance and production. Neff, who has many years of experience in various managerial roles and in dealing with situations of change, emphasises: “JUNG is a company steeped in tradition with a long history, which also entails a great deal of responsibility. Together with our team, I would like to preserve this tradition, but at the same time develop a modern and open-minded company that reacts flexibly and agilely to developing trends and reinvents itself again and again”. The new management duo would like to closely coordinate all essential company decisions in the future, while looking at things from different perspectives. Neff adds: “As I am relatively unfamiliar with the industry, I have a ‘neutral’ view on many issues, which makes it easier to question things and to look out of the box”.

Investing in the future

At the end of 2019, JUNG had already started to set the course for a strategic, organisational and personnel realignment. Due to the pandemic, the challenges and the pressure to change have also increased significantly for the Vaihingen-based company. “Agility, flexibility and more efficient structures are required,” says Dennig. A development to which JUNG has already responded with courageous decisions, personnel and structural changes and investments in the future. The company is resolutely using the crisis as an opportunity and now appears on the market leaner and faster. “Many companies are currently asking themselves whether they will take an entrepreneurial risk once again and invest. We at JUNG have already answered this question with a clear yes”, explains Dennig. “We are convinced that restructuring will enable us to focus better and to establish JUNG as a strong brand with concentrated innovativeness. “The future requires courage. Together with Peter Neff, a strengthened team and the right mindset, we are looking forward to setting new standards and trends and courageously pursuing new paths,” says the managing director.

Photo: Peter Neff and Dennis Dennig at the company headquarters in Vaihingen an der Enz.