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BAPP: New Chairman

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 22.07.2020

After 3 successful years, Michel Deboudt has officially ended his term as Chairman at BAPP (Belgian Association of Promotional Products). His dedication, neutrality and constant concern to work in the interest of all members have largely contributed to solidify the foundations of our association. Now Fabrice Casul (MLD Concept – distributor) has been nominated as the new BAPP Chairman for the next 3 year term. Fabrice Casul: “We are extremely lucky to have a sound management and perform in an environment without conflict of interests. I am committed to continue this healthy and transparent management and to make sure that the projects which have been decided during our General Assembly will be accomplished. Very ambitious projects have been put on the table by our new board members. They will be thoroughly analyzed. We do have an experimented, very complimentary and committed team. We must and shall use those strengths to reach our objectives.”

Photo: Symbolic handover of chairmanship between the former chairman, Michel Deboudt (right side) and the new chairman, Fabrice Casul.