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New Message Center in the Product Finder

Julia Bernert

Published on 22.09.2020

Suppliers and dealers of promotional products can now communicate with each other in real time and directly in the PSI Product Finder. This is possible thanks to the new message center, which can now be found in the back end of the online tool, i.e. where users maintain their product pages, among other things.

This is how it works

If a dealer finds an interesting product, he can – as before – request an offer directly in the Product Finder. The supplier is notified by e-mail about the receipt of the request. What is new is that from this point on, communication takes place directly in the Finder itself. This means that communication can now take place in real time. Images or PDF files can also be attached, so that the entire communication between dealer and supplier is clearly displayed in a history. In the overview page of the message center, users can thus obtain a complete overview of all offer and product inquiries. The interface is clearly laid out and, thanks to the filter function, is easy to use and can be edited by several people at the same time.

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