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30 years of dedication

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 17.12.2020

Troika, the specialist for extraordinary gift ideas with practical functionality and innovative design, has honoured its sales representative in the B2B segment, Uschi Kindlein, for her 30-year commitment to the company. Managing director Liudger Böll commented: “Uschi is one of a kind and has been on board from the very start. She has now been working at, for and with Troika for three decades. Always up-to-date, with a wealth of experience as brand ambassador, she knows the industry like no other. With her humorous remarks, she has brought a smile to the faces of many employees and customers and has become an irreplaceable member of the Troika family. We thank her sincerely for her professional work, her unwavering good spirit and her dedication over such a long period of time”.

Photo: Liudger Böll presents Uschi Kindlein with a certificate to honour 30 years of dedication to Troika.