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Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 17.02.2021

Cologne-based promotional products multi-specialist REFLECTS® introduces its new product management team. The longstanding company from Cologne presented its new corporate strategy at PSI 2020. The company’s new concept is centred around its brands RETUMBLER® – Best of Drinkware, REEVES® – Smart Electronics and RETIME® – Smart watch Concepts. Within this brand structure, REFLECTS® assumes the position of umbrella brand and will be acting as a multi-specialist on the European markets in the future. Its goals are thoroughly ambitious at the same time. For example, the Cologne residents intend to achieve top positioning in the relevant product range for every brand in the medium to long term. To allow this to succeed, there has also been a shake-up within the company as part of restructuring. In the future, the ranges’ fates will be actively steered by three Product and Brand Managers. Carsten Strick takes on product management for RETUMBLER® and REEVES®, Viktoria Brauckmann will be monitoring the signs of the times on behalf of RETIME® and Sebastian Roth has been entrusted with steering the fourth brand, set to be introduced shortly. The product managers’ tasks are diverse and complex: thus, they will be looking after their brand’s products throughout the product lifecycle, consolidating the brand strategy’s focus under the umbrella brand REFLECTS®.

As Brand and Product Manager, Carsten Strick is responsible for a high-quality, lovingly assembled drinkware range of the brand RETUMBLER® as well as the smart electronic products of the brand REEVES®. The state-certified business administrator has been employed in purchasing in the promotional products industry since 2011 and is a specialist in electronic products. With his dedication and expertise, he has been a valuable member of the REFLECTS team since February 2018.

Viktoria Brauckmann, in her role as Brand and Product Manager, is the leading professional for custom-made, high-quality watches of the brand RETIME®. Her professional training as a wholesale and field sales professional was successfully completed at none other than the Cologne-based multi-specialist REFLECTS®. Subsequently, she took up on-the-job studies towards a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, which she is set to complete this year. She applies outstanding knowledge, plenty of skill and devotion to her field of responsibility in the area of diverse and inspiring promotional watches. In addition, her field of responsibility also covers the promotional products from the SPECIALS range: lanyards, pins, shopping cart tokens and more.

In the future, Sebastian Roth will be the responsible Brand and Product Manager for the company’s as yet undisclosed fourth brand. The qualified wholesale and field sales professional and trained CE co-ordinator has been specialising in goods import from Asia for more than 15 years. He puts all his passion for promotional products into product development; he is also in charge of Compliance and the marketability of products. He has been a valuable member of the REFLECTS team for more than 6 years.

Photo: The new REFLECTS Product Management team (from left): Sebastian Roth, Viktoria Brauckmann, Carsten Strick.