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The most popular promotional products in February

Julia Bernert

Published on 18.02.2021

Winter once again has a firm grip on February. We were interested to find out which promotional products are most in demand at this time of year. In response, our PSI Sourcing Team filtered the search queries in the PSI Product Finder. The following promotional items were searched for most frequently in the product database in February:

Eyeglass wearers know the problem, especially in the cold season, when you step out of the cold into a heated room your glasses fog up. A remedy for this is anti-fog cloths, which are not only practical but can also be printed on large areas.

Digital is King: The smartphone has become one of our constant companions. No wonder that new gadgets are constantly coming onto the market for it. One of the latest additions is the ring light for perfect lighting – for selfies, for example. It is simply attached to the mobile phone and not only provides the right illumination, but also transports the advertising message. An absolute highlight in the product portfolio in the dark of February.

Our next product also comes from the electronic sector and couldn’t be more practical. Wireless powerbanks that double as mobile phone holders are multifunctional and offer a large surface for advertising messages.

In times of increasing digitalisation, privacy cannot be written large enough. Nobody needs a camera faux pas in times of digital meetings. Useful helpers against unwanted glimpses into private life are webcam covers, which also made it to the top of the rankings in February.

A face without a mask is rarely seen in public these days. Due to the ongoing pandemic, FFP2 masks are now a must-have in every household. An article that is worn so prominently may also be a visual eye-catcher, which is why coloured FFP2 masks are currently highly trendy. They also offer attractive advertising opportunities and are therefore among the top 5 most requested products in February’s PSI Product Finder.

Images: unsplah