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A Special Kind of Digital Catalogue

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 03.03.2021

New catalogue concepts are required in these times of the pandemic: A catalogue is needed which works just as well on a computer or smartphone as a real-life version that you can flip through and which also covers most European languages. But it should also be one that can be sent with a click on Instagram or LinkedIn or by email – regardless of whether it is a screenshot of a page from the catalogue or even the entire catalogue itself. The catalogue should feature a customized logo, personal contact details and an embedded code so that it can be integrated easily and smoothly into the company’s own website. A digital catalogue is required which makes communicating with customers simple – even while working from home. This is exactly what Goldstar Europe has created, and it’s completely free of charge. The company has geared this catalogue to the people who need this type of catalogue the most: sales teams. Distributers can have the digital catalogue furnished with their personal contact information and then share it with their customers. The only thing they need to do is to contact the Goldstar team and send them their company logo and contact information.

About Goldstar Europe

Goldstar, headquartered in Dundalk, Ireland, is one of Europe’s fastest growing suppliers in the promotional products market. The product range includes writing instruments, stationary, drinkware and much more. Thanks to its own simplicity business model, Goldstar makes it possible for customers to make their promotional products-related business easier with new standards for full-colour designs, all-inclusive prices, services and tools. With facilities in Ireland, California, Tennessee and Mexico, Goldstar is able to keep up with global trends while at the same time staying competitive locally. Goldstar has become known for always producing high-quality promotional products and for its creative solutions for supplying distributers around the world.