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Five Years of Successful Cooperation

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 30.04.2021

After six years of successful cooperation, SPRINTIS and bhs CONSULTING & SOLUTIONS have achieved positive results in the areas of organisational development, personnel selection and staff development. To be able to master the challenges that come with rapid company growth, the internationally active online wholesaler SPRINTIS has entered into a long-term partnership with the consulting company “bhs” in the area of human resources. “Success is what people accomplish” is not only the motto of the bhs CONSULTING & SOLUTIONS GmbH but also an essential key factor for the rapid growth of SPRINTIS. It is thus no surprise that the two companies from Würzburg, which have been collaborating strategically and operationally in the area of HR, can look back on their common success story.

To realise its ambitious expansion plans, SPRINTIS looked for professional support in the area of HR a few years ago and found a competent business partner in bhs. The recipe for the joint success of both companies is flexible collaboration, quick decision-making processes and continuously adapting and further developing the processes. “The tasks at SPRINTIS are multifaceted and exciting: ranging from the operational search and selection of personnel to strategic responsibilities, such as developing a company-specific competence model or target agreement systems. With these and other tools, a modern holistic HR concept was developed and implemented for the company,” explains Hans-Jürgen M. Hemrich, Managing Partner of bhs CONSULTING & SOLUTIONS GmbH.

Christian Schenk, Managing Director of SPRINTIS, sums up the results: “Our excellent economic development as well as other positive key performance indicators, such as a low staff fluctuation rate, low rate of sickness, satisfied employees and a good working atmosphere, are indications of our optimal cooperation with bhs. We are delighted about our long-term cooperation based on trust, which has since led to a friendly working atmosphere with our offices located next to each other in the same office building at our company’s facilities, the Business & Beach Campus.”

Photo: Good partnership, good mood (from left): Hans-Jürgen M. Hemrich, Managing Partner of bhs and Christian Schenk, Managing Director of SPRINTIS. Picture: SPRINTIS Schenk GmbH & Co. KG