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Worldwide distribution of the official Audi collection

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 07.07.2021

In 2012, cyber-Wear started operating the official Audi promotional product shop – from now on cyber-Wear will take over responsibility for the worldwide distribution of all official Audi collection products. The distribution encompasses all end customers in Germany, as well as all distributors and importers across the globe. Whilst product development will continue to be conducted in close cooperation with the Audi product managers, the procurement, logistics, sales and distribution will be coordinated solely by cyber-Wear in future. In addition to taking over the approx. 250 products, the organisation of the entire logistics process and the connection of all distributors and importers, the last few months have also been used to completely redesign the entire Audi collection shop to meet the latest technical and content-related standards. In addition to the pure B2B and B2C online business, cyber-Wear is developing, alongside the new online platform, a second merchandise management system, which incorporates the physical Audi shops in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm and their complete infrastructure including scheduling, cash management and returns management. “The development of our own system to connect the physical Audi shops would have been a mammoth project on its own under normal circumstances. But the short-term nature of the whole project has once again demonstrated our ability to perform as a strong partner on many levels”, says Roman Weiss, CFO Cybergroup International. As in the past, the shop is available in German and English and includes 250 items from four different collections. True to the motto: “four rings, four collections”, the unique nature and diversity of the popular Audi products will continue to be showcased in the shop, according to cyber-Wear. What’s more, the collections for the first half-year 2022 have already been finalised. The close collaboration between cyber-Wear and Audi is clearly at the centre of all these activities.