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Klio-Eterna facilities now a “climate-neutral site”

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 19.07.2021

Klio-Eterna is taking the next step towards sustainability. After implementing a photovoltaic system last summer and switching to 100% green electricity, the company has now received the “climate-neutral site” seal. Klio-Eterna, which is one of the leading producers of promotional pens made in Germany, has maintained a partnership with the provider “Prima Klima” since the beginning of May 2021. The “climate-neutral site” designation stands for the compensation of all CO2 emissions under Scope 1 and Scope 2 that are incurred in the company’s Wolfach facilities, which cannot be prevented. This affects both the energy for the production and finishing of its in-house produced refills and writing instruments as well as all of the company’s other on-site activities in the categories mentioned. To achieve climate neutrality, a company’s individual CO2 record must be determined. The findings relate to the emissions that a company produces in total for the products and services it provides, which have to be 100% compensated for.

The writing instrument manufacturer prevents a majority of its annual CO2 emissions in advance by implementing conservation measures such as putting a photovoltaic system into service, using energy-efficient production machinery and energy management for each machine, using materials that can be recycled or using 100% green energy. The CO2 emissions that cannot be prevented are offset by investing in a project that “protects peat swamp forests” in Indonesia. The project is located on the south coast of Borneos island and is focused on maintaining existing forests and medium-sized the reforestation of degraded forest areas. Through this project, an estimated total of 480 million tons of greenhouse gas emission can be prevented over the total duration of the project, which is 60 years. Moreover, the project area is a biodiversity hotspot due to its rich biodiversity and offers numerous animals and plants a valuable habitat.