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Smart Glass Concepts Create Added Value

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 21.07.2021

In times of restricted contacts and strict hygiene concepts, RASTAL Smartglass® unites the haptic and digital realms. The intelligent glass with built-in NFC chip thereby highlights new opportunities for a customised, personal sales approach.

We crossed the threshold into the digital world in virtually all areas of our lives a long time ago, and the world we return to will no longer be solely analogue. With an eye to new self-service and consumption standards in gastronomy plus sustainable cross-industry packaging concepts, the interplay between glass and online apps offers plenty of potential. User experiences, above all else, will be crucial for the acceptance and success of digital services in the future. RASTAL Smartglass®, the intelligent glass with built-in NFC chip, highlights new opportunities for a customised, personal sales approach in times of restricted contacts and strict hygiene concepts.

Many possibilities

Interactive honey jars, a prize contest implemented in a brewery’s glasses in partnership with a “Ludwig und Adele” restaurant, and smart craft beer glasses with exclusive video content jointly with a craft beer brewery in New Jersey/USA – together with its customers, the glass and finishing specialist has initiated intelligent projects in recent months that set new standards for digital added values in Germany and abroad. The unique RASTAL Smartprint® method enables the permanent, dishwasher-proof integration of an NFC chip with branding on glass or porcelain. Briefly touching the smartphone when NFC transmission to the smart drinking vessel is turned on is enough to call up messages as often as desired in an entertaining and playful way.

Measurable marketing activity

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management conducted a field test at Maximilians Brauwiesn in Niederlahnstein on the promotional efficacy of the smart glass decor. “The smart glass impressively demonstrated that restaurant guests not only scan it, but afterwards the overwhelming majority of them, just under 90%, are even willing to generate added value for the restaurant, by diligently sharing additional information about themselves and their consumer experience, for instance. In the process, RASTAL Smartglass® even prompts guests with absolutely no prior experience of interacting with this novel technology – an encouraging signal for broad acceptance of smart glass and its suitability for use in customer promotions,” explains Prof. Dr. Christian Schlereth, who led the experiment as Professor of Digital Marketing at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Cross-sector and international

Inspiring, interactive and individual – RASTAL Smartglass®, which has already been distinguished with the Gold GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD, offers cross-industry, international solutions for the widest array of customer needs along with digital added values.