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Faber-Castell adopts new ownership strategy

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 02.08.2021

The ninth generation of the Faber-Castell family will control the company as active shareholders under their new ownership strategy. Specifically, Count Charles von Faber-Castell will join the supervisory board of Faber-Castell AG, Countess Katharina von Faber-Castell joins the administrative board of A.W. Faber-Castell Unternehmensverwaltung GmbH. As majority shareholders, the four siblings – Count Charles von Faber-Castell and Countesses Katharina, Victoria and Sarah von Faber-Castell – initiated a new ownership strategy in the past year which is intended to lay the groundwork for the successful future of Faber-Castell.

“We are very much looking forward to jointly and actively shaping the future of Faber-Castell as shareholders. Together we have developed a modern, family-controlled governance structure. This will allow us not only to meet the challenges of our time, but also live up to our responsibility for a company that’s rich in tradition, a unique brand and our 6,500 employees across the globe”, Charles, Katharina, Victoria and Sarah von Faber-Castell declared in a joint statement.

“As the ninth generation, since our childhood we have felt how very strong that the Faber-Castell brand and our products are throughout the world. In an atmosphere of mutual trust and open dialogue between the group of shareholders, supervisory boards, management board and the entire workforce, we now want to actively contribute to making Faber-Castell not only one of the oldest family-owned companies, but also one of the youngest and most innovative. In 260 years from now, we hope that Faber-Castell will still be unleashing its creative capabilities and inspiring people across the entire world”.

The ninth generation of the Faber-Castell family will help shape the growth of the company in a family-controlled model as active shareholders. For this purpose, they have established guidelines which provide the management board with a reliable framework to develop a sustainable and profitable growth course for Faber-Castell, the announcement goes on to say. The brand essence of Faber-Castell as a premium brand is to be retained. What’s more, social and environmental responsibility shall remain at the core of all decisions. Count Charles von Faber-Castell and Countess Katharina von Faber-Castell will represent the interests of the shareholders in the respective supervisory boards. The two will succeed Detlef Spigiel, who leaves both boards. Countess Mary von Faber-Castell also remains member of the supervisory board of Faber-Castell AG.

Gerhard Berssenbrügge, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Faber-Castell AG: “We warmly welcome Count von Faber-Castell as new colleague in the supervisory board. At the same time, we would like thank Mr Spigiel for the many years of trustful and collaborative cooperation in the supervisory and administrative board. He maintains close ties to the company as advisor to the supervisory board. We are looking forward to setting the course for the successful and long-term future direction of Faber-Castell together with the family”.

Photo: The ninth generation steps up (from left): Countess Victoria von Faber-Castell, Countess Katharina von Faber-Castell, Count Charles von Faber-Castell, Countess Sarah von Faber-Castell.