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Girl power in the import department

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 15.09.2021

Just as no two businesses are alike, no two gift or promotional products should be alike. Whether it is the colour of the item, which is supposed to be CI-conform, or the design of a new company ambassador – (almost) everything is possible with “mbw”, the specialist for good mood products based in Wanderup. The import department, which works closely together with quality management and product development is responsible for this. With great dedication, the 25-year-old Jana Bomholt has been ensuring since March the custom-fit realisation and smooth production of special articles, from visualisation onto manufacturing.

“She continuously caters to customers’ wishes with great patience and passion and tries to make impossible things possible. She has a keen sense of trends and the requirements for products desired by customers. Therefore, Ms. Bomholt also supports the development of new products on site at mbw® and always has her eyes and ears open for current trends”, as managing director Jan Breuer describes her, while adding that: “mbw is delighted to have team-oriented and well-organised girl power”.