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Good training outcomes thanks to a qualified concept

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 24.09.2021

TROIKA, an employer that takes on trainees, is one of the companies in which apprentices achieved outstanding outcomes this year. In recognition of this and as a visible gesture, TROIKA received the award “BESTE AZUBIS 2021” (best trainees of 2021) from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Koblenz and the radio station bigFM and bigKARRIERE. “Good apprenticeship outcomes are always also a sign of good and qualified training in the company”, sources at the headquarters in Müchenbach emphasise. Starting on 2nd November 2021, high achieving graduates will be featured in a two-week radio campaign and their career path, motivation and training company will be presented in radio spots and social media channels. Managing Director Liudger Böll describes the secret of success of TROIKA’s training concept as follows: “Our trainees enjoy a high level of trust from the start and we adopt an open approach. They all have their own areas of responsibility and continually rotate through all areas of the company. Our online shop, for example, is managed entirely independently by our trainees completing a commercial apprenticeship in e-commerce: from receipt of the order to the customer chat, right through to picking of the goods and dispatch. This allows the apprentices to become familiar with the products, the warehouse and the handling of the ERP system and they have direct customer contact. Our trainees are always on board at our trade shows and events too. We are pleased that our concept is bearing fruit and we see this as a confirmation”.