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Lower prices for PSI 2022 exhibitors

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 27.09.2021

The past one and half years has clearly shown how important it is to have good contacts, flexibility and a wealth of ideas. It has also proven that the PSI network made up of active industry partners  has repeatedly stood the test while facing many challenges. As part of this strong community, PSI is supporting its members with the best possible services and has been advocating for all exhibitors at the Düsseldorf tradeshow. Event organisers now have some good news to share: They have been able to negotiate lower prices for the incidental costs at the tradeshow. This is a wonderful signal in our still challenging times. It is a real win-win situation, because it means exhibitors can use this savings to invest more in their marketing measures to gain more customers. What is more, exhibitors who would like to personally invite their visitors to PSI 2022 can use another special service: PSI has designed attractive invitations, which exhibitors can get in unlimited quantities for free. And history  has shown us how important personal invitations are.    

The campaign “The Who and How in the Industry” has also demonstrated that PSI is still the leading tradeshow for the European promotional products industry and is high on the agenda among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, consultants and finishing experts. In their statements, industry decision-makers have clearly underscored the added value of the event and have expressed  in a nutshell why market-players cannot afford to miss PSI event. It is an important event which has continuously grown over the past decade, and in 2022 it will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding.
Exhibitors who are interested in presenting their products and services to a live audience between 11-13 January 2022 and would like to profit from the discounts should please use the following contact for more details:
Marlene Ramos, Head of Sales, Telephone: +49 211 90191-702, E-Mail: