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Image Traders enriches promotional products industry

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 01.10.2021

After a long preparatory phase, Image Traders will officially start its operational activities on 1 October 2021. The company was founded by Stef van der Velde, former founder and owner/CEO of Giving Europe, and Bert Groenendijk, partner of La Parada and former marketing manager of Giving Europe. The company focuses in particular on product and brand development, marketing and branding. The brand and product concepts are aimed at the consumer market (end consumer), due to the use of influencer marketing, social media and availability in retail and online marketplaces. In parallel, a sales and distribution strategy is being developed in cooperation with importers, manufacturers and retail partners for the promotional products sales channel. This primarily involves a pull strategy in the area of branding and marketing in order to create a brand and product preference in which consumer price and perception are decisive, according to the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam. This results in added value for Image Traders’ partners and customers in terms of demand, volume and margin in the promotional products market, according to an official statement.
According to Image Traders, numerous partnerships with importers, manufacturers and retailers, including in the areas of bags, toys and textiles, were already concluded during the founding phase. The portfolio will also be expanded in the short term by a brand from the area of sustainable care & lifestyle products. Image Traders is an owner-managed company and 100 percent owned by the two founders Stef van der Velde and Bert Groenendijk. It operates independently and is not part of any other company, nor are there any other shareholders. Image Traders B.V. has a decentralised structure with an office in Amsterdam and workplaces in Hanover, Malaga and Xiamen.

Picture (from left to right): Stef van der Velde and Bert Groenendijk
Picture source: Image Traders