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New process manager at mbw

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 06.12.2021

The mbw® Vertriebsges. mbH, known for its popular promotional ambassadors, introduces its new process manager Jan Mitko. The native of Flensburg completed a Bachelor in Logistics Management following his apprenticeship as a forwarding agent. He subsequently gained four years of practical experience as a process coordinator at a renowned retailer. Since the beginning of June 2021, Jan Mitko has been responsible for the analysis and optimisation of existing business processes at the northernmost manufacturer of gifts and toys mbw® and is actively contributing to the development and enhancement of the merchandise management system.

The mbw® Vertriebsges. mbH has been operating from premises in Wanderup in Schleswig-Holstein since 1980. The owner-managed family business has trade relationships to suppliers across the globe, which it has established with great care and trust. The product range includes the quality brands “MiniFeet®”, “Schnabels®”, “Squeezies®” as well as the cult figure “Mr. Bert®”. The novel products from Wanderup bring a smile to recipients’ faces time and again. For these moments to be created, it requires not only the products alone but also efficient business processes and a smooth technical ordering process. “We don’t want to keep step with the market, we strive to be one step ahead at all times”, says Jan Mitko, process manager at mbw®.