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Cloud Pens – the digital dimension of haptic promotion

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 01.02.2022

From today, the digital dimension of haptic promotion comes included at Prodir: the Swiss writing instrument makers now offer their customers free access to the Cloud Pen web app. The “communicative added value is huge”, Prodir announces.

The whole thing works in an extremely easy way: A QR code on the writing instrument brings users to a personalised landing page. The sole deciders for what awaits them there are specific corporate communication goals: design, functions and content can be changed effortlessly at any time with a few clicks.

Courtesy of Analytics, the performance of the haptic promotion can be measured in the Admin area of the Cloud Pens app and content optimised accordingly. Target groups can be repeatedly re-addressed in retargeting campaigns on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. And those wishing to bring users to their social media or online shop place the appropriate links and buttons. Videos, photos, brochures or catalogues can be shared with equal ease. Promoters seeking personal contact install a phone call function or ensure that contact details are downloaded straight to the user’s mobile phone via a click. The possibilities are endless – and inclusive with all Cloud Pens. “Digital thus becomes sensory and the haptic virtual, borders vanish, new freedoms are created,” comments Prodir CMO Eckhard