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Pietro Baldini from Tie Solution

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 16.02.2022

After buying the brand Pietro Baldini in 2019, the company Tie Solution from Wetzlar, Germany has been marketing the brand since the beginning of 2022. The luxury brand Pietro Baldini’s collection features elegant neckerchiefs, scarves, ties and other accessories. It also includes, for example, the DIAMOND line which has an integrated Top Welton diamond, which Tie Solution claims is “probably the most expensive tie in the world”. This tie is only produced made to order as a one-of-a-kind. The different Pietro Baldini collections are available from well-stocked specialist distributors as well as Amazon. The company from Wetzlar also is selling individual solutions for the B2B sector. According to Antonio G. Sanchez, Managing Director of Tie Solution, “businesses can have scarves, neckerchiefs, ties, etc. made with their customised designs or have them come in their company’s colours. This is a great way to show company affiliation in an elegant manner.”

Tie Solution’s customers include businesses from a wide variety of industries. As stated by the company: “Tie solution offers the right solutions for any occasion and any budget – whether you are looking for a high-quality VIP present, accessories for your own fashion collections or a price-conscious give-away for a large number of employees.” Antonio G. Sanchez explains, “With us, you can put together the right accessories for your employees, partners or customers easily and quickly. There are many options to choose from, ranging from the material, colour and pattern to the design.” The company produces its products in Italy, Spain and Asia.

Photo: According to Tie Solution, the DIAMOND line from the Pietro Baldini brand is “probably the most expensive tie in the world”.